Readers Talk Back: What Supplements Do You Take?


Welcome to the first installment of Readers Talk Back!


Readers Talk Back is a series we’ll sometimes do on Wednesdays. Basically, we’ll ask YOU, the readers, a question on Facebook and Twitter, and combine the responses into a blog post that shows what the readers think about different topics.


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Here’s this week’s question:


“What supplements do you take? Or, if you don’t take any, why not?”


Read on for some of the answers we received:


From Facebook

  • Vicy Wilkinson (Life Coaching Institute): “I take several Standard Process supplements daily: Cataplex, Catalyn, Trace Minerals (which I consider my “daily multi-vitamins”) on the recommendation from both Dr. Marina and my chiropractor (which has helped regain proper curvature in my neck and upper spine – goodbye scoliosis!). Recently, I have added a digestive enzyme (also a Standard Process supp.) to help aid digestion and nutrient absorption. Beyond that, I take L-Tyrosine and 5HTP supplements (not every day – as I feel like I need) to help mitigate some ADHD symptoms that still bother me in spite of all the other things I do to keep them in check. I also “take” about a teaspoon (little less) of organic unsulphured molasses 2-3 times a week (usually before sprint training), which is full of awesome stuff like iron, potassium, and magnesium, to name a few.”
  • Greg Spindler (Carolina Structural Energetic Therapy): “As a Soft Tissue practioner, I see many people undernourished with magnesium. Getting it through food sources first, then supplementation if needed, is critical for relaxation of muscles so they can repair/store themselves during rehab.”
  • John Tyler Smith: “Creatine monohydrate, men’s multi-vitamin, protein/carb powder. Sometimes branched-chain amino acids and HMB depending on my training. Those supplements also aid in strength and power gaining phases. I don’t buy any thermogenic during a weight loss phase due to an unrelated heart issue I had in the past.”
  • Amanda Lynch Morris (The Spark): “I take vitamin E to help keep a fibrous cyst in check, flush-free niacin to help with slightly high cholesterol, blue-green algae because it’s a superfood, a multivitamin for women because I need the extra boost, and fish oil because it is good for your heart.”
  • Kelly Jackson: “I take prenatal vitamins and straight folic acid tablets. I mix them up; take a prenatal Mon, folic Tues, etc. Helps my kidneys and anemia. I also drink organic DHA milk. The DHA comes from plant sources.”
  • Brandon Cabaniss: “I take fish oil and a whole food multi.”
  • Crystal Farque Corr: “I take the Standard Process Endurance (Ligaplex II, Cataplex B, Cardio Plus and Catalyn) supplements and Nordic Naturals ProOmega with Vit. D3 in them. That covers all my bases on a normal day… then on days after a run, bike, or swim, I add Standard Process Magnesium Lactate.”

From Twitter

  • Ellen Cornutt (@efcornutt): “I take a B-12 vitamin for metabolism and energy and gummy multi-vitamins because I’m basically a kid.”
  • Kelly Meerbott (@KellyAMeerbott): “I take Vitamin D & Pre-Natal Packs (no, I’m not pregnant) from Biotics Research. Cayenne Pepper & Glucosamine from Standard Process.”


Didn’t get to respond to this week’s question? No problem! In the comments below, tell us what supplements YOU take. Or, if you don’t take any, why not?


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