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Our fab esthetician, Lindsey, recently blogged about her own skincare routine in a post titled How to Organize Your Vanity: A Peek Into Mine on her Savvy Assistant blog, and she gave us some awesome skincare tips in an interview on our site (check out Esthetician Lindsey Holder Explains How to Get Clear Skin for the scoop).


But we wanna know what YOU do, too!


So this week’s question is:


“What’s Your Skincare Routine?”


Read on for some of the answers we received:

From Facebook

  • Stephanie Wilding: “I use organic skin cleansers (changes all the time!) and use the Clarisonic Mia with it. I actually put some of my organic multi-botanical nutritional supplement from Superfoods Galore on a cotton swab on put on my face as a toner… it’s not sticky;o)! Then, I put on an organic face moisturizer (changes too!). This is only a morning routine as I’m terrible about washing my face at night… not good, I know! I don’t wear much makeup. My face wash & moisturizer change because it just depends on any good deals I can find at the time. I would like to start doing masks though!”


  • Kelly Cooper (Taking It Off): “In the mornings, I cleanse and tone first thing. Then, I apply energizing concentrate, renew, wrinkle smoother eye, and moisturizer (mainly Merle Norman products). In the evenings, I cleanse, tone, and exfoliate, and use MN Nighttime Recovery Cream. I use microdermabrasion and a lip mask/balm duo every three days or so. And, I always get 8+ glasses of water. :)”


  • Leslie Haines: “I like to keep things really simple. I’ve found that the more products I use (especially abrasive ones), the more skin problems I have. Many products I have used to prevent breakouts have actually caused my skin to break out more. My skin also gets too dried out by most soaps and toners. I use the same soap on my hands, body, and face: Dr. Bronner’s Tea Tree Castile soap. If I have a blemish, I apply some witch hazel mixed with tea tree oil, and when my skin is dry I just use cocoa butter.”


  • Kelly Jackson: “I don’t wear makeup unless I am required to for a special event (maybe once every 2 years.) I love to use the Que Bella Mud Masks on my face because they make my skin feel so clean and soft afterward. It stays that way for 3-5 days after. My favorite one is the Detoxify Dead-Sea Mud Mask. They’re 80% natural. I wish they were all-natural, but it really does wonders for my skin. The price is a heck of a lot less when compared to all those crazy beauty products, which don’t have any natural components to them.”


  • Crystal Corr: “Lindsey will be so proud of me!! I wash in the morning with my Ilike Organic Skin Care mineral exfoliating wash, tone with Rosehip toner, and use Rosehip moisturizer. At night, I wash first with my I like Lemon Cleansing Milk to remove make-up, then a good scrub with my Mineral exfoliating wash (because I have usually just finished running, cycling, or swimming), then use my toner and moisturizer again. On the weekends I do a mask… either the herb mask or a gel mask. Two more things: eye cream at night and the big one…monthly facials with Lindsey! I really am getting much better with my skincare!”


From Twitter


  • Alison Storm (@alisonstorm):  “Cleanse & moisturize 2x day, SPF in AM. A few times a wk I exfoliate & once a week I do a mask. I drink lots of water 2!”


  • Amy Taylor (@NoMeatballs): “Clarisonic + Cetaphil, toner … and I’m bad about moisturizer. Haven’t found something friendly for my skin.”


Didn’t get to respond to this week’s question? No problem! In the comments below, tell us what YOUR skincare routine is.


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2 Responses

  1. PM (I wash my face only once a day) Cleanser: Honey and lemon mask

    Toner: Apple Cider Vinegar

    Moisturizer: Tea tree oil or vitamin e oil (I swap from day to day)

  2. You don’t have to practice a very complex type of routine all you have to do is constantly replenish your body with a lot of water and detoxify it. Or you could increase your crave with a lot of fruits since they greatly eliminates toxins too and eventually you’ll see a great effect on your skin.

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