Simple Smell Good Tips For Winter Stress Relief!

  Can Different Smells Help with Stress Relief?   Have you ever wondered why once it starts to get colder in the winter, we start feeling all warm inside when we smell holiday scents?   Be it the smell of baking cookies, hot chocolate, cinnamon, or blue spruce; most of us have a favorite scent! […]

10 Tips to Lose Weight Faster

Shedding pounds is tough (there’s no doubt about that)–but not impossible. There are several behavioral and other little changes you can make starting today that will add up to make a big difference in your health–and your waistline.   At last night’s Healthy Lifestyle Seminar, Dr. Marina presented 10 Tips to Lose Weight Faster. Were […]

Our Acupuncture Facelift Was Featured on FOX Carolina!

Acupuncture Facelift in Greenville, SC   Many women (and men!) want to look younger but feel hesitant about taking drastic measures. Traditional facelifts often come with complications or an unnatural, “plastic-y” look. And many people are concerned about Botox being toxic or limiting facial expressions.   But there’s another option! For a fraction of the […]