Dr. Marina

Life has a funny way of putting us on a new path. I was reaching my breaking point. I loved my job and I loved the clients that I serve. But I was beginning to feel like I was in a never-ending groundhog’s day off – feed the kids – dash to school – run to work – rush back home – feed the kids – pass out on the couch with hubby for quality time – rinse, repeat. I was on autopilot, losing my joy and creativity, feeling like no matter what I did, there was still more I had to do. I was constantly dealing with the fact there were more people in need than I could ever serve, more awesome activities I should be doing with my kids, more time I should be spending with my husband. Something had to give.

And Then The World Stopped…

One minute I was talking with a client and then the next minute I was in the car running to pick up my children. The next day everything shut down. For the first time in a very long time, I was sitting on the couch at 10:00 am at my house. I was worried about my family’s health, my health, and my business. How was I going to fix all the chaos that was affecting my personal and professional life? I was worried about my clients, how could I serve them? It all felt so out of control. I felt powerless.  While I was sitting there running endless scenarios in my head, all of a sudden my then 5-year-old twin daughters came barrelling onto the couch. Laughing and full of joy. I had to talk to myself in my head, to remind myself to let go and be fully present with my children. As I let go and became present with them, their joy was contagious. They were not sitting there worrying about what if, they were just being. That joy was so strong; it overwhelmed me. I wanted the moment to last forever. It was then, I had my “Aha”

I COULD Serve More People! I COULD Bring Back The Joy And Creativity To My Life! And All At The Same Time!

I could do just that – by sharing my decades of knowledge as a holistic doctor and Mama WITH YOU, in a fun, yet practical and informative way. Even if you couldn’t see me in person, you could still benefit from all of the knowledge that I have to share and the stories I have to tell! I have spent over 20 years dedicating my life to learning about health. I have been on a pursuit to learn what really works when it comes to your health and your children’s health. Because I’ve been there just like you – I’ve worried when my kids are sick, had my own health struggles, and worked hard to keep my family healthy. And above all, I want to know that I am doing everything I can to help them thrive!

I Have Been In The Health And Wellness Community For Over 20 Years.

I am a working Mom who loves talking about all things related to health, wellness, family, and living your best life! As a woman, medical practitioner, and Mom, I have seen health from every perspective. I know how overwhelming and confusing it can be to try to figure out what to do with your health or your children’s health. How to sort out fact from fiction when it comes to both what doctors are telling you, what you see on the internet or the books you read  –  it feels so overwhelming! Believe me, I get it and I’m trained in this stuff! I want you to feel empowered that you know how to integrate the best that holistic and conventional medicine has to offer for you and your family’s health and wellness. I have helped 1000s of clients to get to the root causes of their health concerns and understand how to heal from the inside out using an integrative approach. I want to provide trusted information you can use to be an even better person than you already are. I want you to feel confident that you are doing everything you can to help you reach your fullest potential.

And most importantly, I want you to have FUN doing it!


Dr. Marina Ponton-Arena

Doctor of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine, Holistic Health Practitioner, Traditional Naturopath

Dr. Marina, as she likes to be called, has worked in the field of integrative medicine since 1998.

She believes that medicine does not have to feel impersonal or sterile, and no one likes feeling like “just a number,” especially when it comes to their health. Her unique skill set and background helps her clients improve their health and well-being with therapies such as acupuncturebiopuncture, vitamin injectionsbio-energetic testingfunctional /orthomolecular nutrition and herbal medicine. That’s why she works hard to make sure you’re treated for the unique person you are in her practice.

This “more than just a number” philosophy started when Greenville Natural Health opened its doors in 2007 when she and her husband relocate to in Greenville. She has been in private practice since 1998. Her practice focuses on helping others achieve and maintain their optimal health. Through her career her passionate belief in healing the body through natural methods has led her to practice, teach and lecture in the United States, Sweden and Holland. She treats a wide variety of conditions ranging from pain, internal medicine and women’s health. Come see why her patients sing the praises of integrative medicine.